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Cherrybomb tattoos are housed in a purpose built studio in Limavady, Co L'Derry, N. Ireland which is health registered & approved - it's a bit like the tardis inside - bigger than it looks from the outside! Also very very clean - we don't believe in grubby studios!

We have a vast selection of flash at the studio, imported from USA, and a huge selection of magazines and other reference materials for you to choose from.  We also welcome custom work - bring us your ideas and see how we can create your perfect tattoo. 

Our Artist, Martin, is an experienced devotee of body art and has an impressive portfolio on display.  Come and meet us and see what we can do for you!
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contact us at: or ring 07832 109062

Remember to eat before you come for a tattoo - quickest way to pass out if you don't!!
Perfect pressies!
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We're very slow at updating our galleries - Sorry! We'll try and get more pictures upsoon........thanks very much :)