Tattoos - All you need to know!
First off - YES THEY DO HURT!  You would be amazed at how many people don't believe you when you say that - BUT - if they were that bad would people want to do it time and time again? will all depend on you and your ability to deal with it- yes some places will hurt more than others, and your best friend may think it is excruciating but does that mean it will be for you too?  We are all very different so we cannot tell you if you are going to be able to cope witb it - it's going to be up to you!
To get tattooed YOU MUST BE 18 !!! I don't really care if your best friends boyfriend got tattooed and he is only 17, I WILL NOT TATTOO YOU  That might sound crap to you but it is the law and bringing your parents up to me to tell me its okay will not work.  I am governed and controlled  by these Laws and to be approved by Limavady Borough Council, they can and do check to ensure that I am fully compliant, SO, if you are not 18 yet - DON'T ASK.

Ultimately what tattoo you want is your choice - but do think about it - at 18 you might think that your current squeeze is the love of your life, and a tattoo of their name is a demonstration of your undying love - BUT just think how much time and money  you will spend getting it taken off or covered....Don't think that  we are not romanatics - we are just realists!  Remember tattoos are for life - not just for now - so if we keep asking you "are you sure" don't be insulted - we have covered up too many tattoos to think any different.  We dont tend to tattoo people below the wrist or above the collar - it may look cool now but when you can't get a job in a few years, you may regret it - attitudes may change but very slowly!
A tattoo should not cause you any harm - especially if your tattooist is properly trained and aware of the regulations like us - but you need to be honest with us.  Before we tattoo you during the pre consultation, you need to complete a waiver and medical checklist.  We will not tattoo you if you are diabetic ( unless medical approval given), pregnant, taking medication to thin your bloods or if you have any blood borne diseases.    All our equipment is clean and hygienic.  We do not reuse needles  - they are all single use and opened in front of you. All the machine parts are cleaned and sterilized in an autoclave - like in a hospital.  WE DO NOT water down or add anything to our inks - we import our inks directly from USA and store them correctly.

Keeping your tattoo clean and protected is the best way to ensure a healthy tattoo.

Avoid swimming pools until healed, also sunbeds/sunbathing as they will damage the tattoo

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