You have just paid me hard earned cash for a tattoo - so its now upto you to look after it......  I spend time and money on ensuring that my studio is clean and hygienic , as well as wearing gloves, aprons, clean clothes! if you don't wash it or you let your dog lick it and it gets messed up - IT'S NOT MY FAULT!
Here are our recommendations to look after your tattoos........
1 hour after having your tattoo, remove the dressings and wash the design thoroughly.  Use normal soap to wash the design - do not use any exfoliating soap or body scrubs as the bits will stick in your tattoos.

Pat the tattoo dry - don't rub it!

Apply a liberal amount of Bepanthen or Preparation H ( ointment  not gel ) to the design - this should help the tattoo heal quicker and stop it cracking.

DO NOT RECOVER the tattoo with cling film - it will make your skin sweat and may bring out spots.  If your tattoo is in a place that rubs, for example your foot or lower back, it may help to put gauze over the tattoo for the 1st couple of days, however only do it for a short time and let the air at it for as long as possible.

Repeat the above washing instructions at least twice a day, more if it is warm or you have been exercising/doing manual work.
KEEP THE TATTOO CLEAN and make sure that it is always covered with the above creams - try not to let the tattoo dry out or it will crack.

Healing can take time - Don't expect it not to hurt or to feel some discomfort - it may also be swollen and bruised - this is perfectly normal - you've just had needles driven into your skin! This will pass - the discomfort should not last longer than 2 weeks.

Whilst the skin is healing it may feel tight, be red around the design - remember it is like a cut or graze - new skin will be growing over and around it.  After the first week or so we recommend moisturizing your tattoo with Palmers cocoa butter - it makes the colour and designs really vibrant and clear.

If you are worried that your tattoo is infected - it might be really really hot and have pus - then bathe the area with a boiled water and salt solution.  If you develop a temperature or if the redness around the tattoo spreads out further than 2 inches consult your doctor.

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